Teens Speak Out @ Waiting in “Letters to the Future”

Thought-provoking reasons to wait until marriage for sex, shared by students who entered the Willing to Wait “Letters to the Future” Writing Contest each school year:

I am being abstinent until marriage because I don’t want the memories of past partners to creep into my mind when I’m on my honeymoon with you.

Waiting for you is like waiting for the sun to rise. It takes time, but it is meant to happen at some point. And that point for us is marriage.

I am being abstinent until marriage because I don’t want the memories of past partners to creep into my mind when I’m on my honeymoon with you.

I know I’m worth waiting for till marriage, and you are too.

I think you should wait until you have a stable marriage before having sex. Then you would know that you can truly trust that person and they like you because of what’s on the inside, not because that person likes your body.

If you page through a newspaper you can read about actors and actresses who hook up and have kids out of wedlock, or live with each other—you can picture the rest. Most of these relationships are tumultuous, destructive, and often end badly. Why are they so angry and so hurt? Because they have been sexually involved with each other and they are unmarried.

Another reason I chose to wait was that I can have a clean conscience before my future wife–you. By waiting I am avoiding the worries of having a child now, too.

First of all, regardless of how much you may love a girl, there is still a chance you won’t marry this one. Sex is a great way to emotionally “glue” yourself together with a person. Having sex before you’ve committed yourself permanently to one person causes grief and regret.

If you save sex for the person you marry, it will have way more value and meaning. It will also make the person you marry respect you more.

If you and your future spouse have both waited, there isn’t any fear about STDs!

I will wait for you because I know you are worth waiting for.

I know that deciding to wait will be one of the best decisions I will probably make in my life. So I will stick with my choice.

If he REALLY TRULY loved you, he’d wait for you.

You could also get pregnancy and then what would you do? Your life would change in so many ways.

Sex can be a good thing, if you wait till you are married; and I encourage you to share this information with your girlfriend. You will be glad that you waited.

I would highly advise you to reconsider having sex with your boyfriend. You are worth the wait…Tell your boyfriend the reasons why you’ve decided to save sex until marriage.

I really hope that you agree with me and decide to save sex until we get married. That would make me feel very special.

You know those birth control pills; they don’t work 100% every time you use them just like condoms they are not 100% going to keep the girl from becoming pregnant.

If you feel under pressure by a person say no! or stop! Very firmly or just leave.

If I wasn’t willing to wait my life would have taken many wrong turns and had many negative effects.

I think it’s only safe to save sex until marriage…when you get married, you can start out strong and healthy.

Sex is something you can wait for because once your virginity is gone, you can’t get it back. Please wait till marriage.

A way to not be pressured into having sex is don’t be alone with your boyfriend or girlfriend at home. Hang out in groups, and don’t do drugs.

I have a good reputation and I want to keep it that way. Boys respect me and I like that.

I’m waiting until we’re forever bound
Other guys may come along
They may sweep me away without a sound.
But I will stand strong.

So now that you know my values I hope you respect them and me and if not good bye.

My one and only important question before we get married….DID YOU WAIT FOR ME??

I chose to wait and I am glad I did. There are so many good reasons to wait to have sex.

Your virginity is very valuable, like a diamond, so keep it on lock.

People might have thought it was stupid to wait, but I sure am worth waiting for. I’m too good for just settling for “now and not sure.” I want to “wait and be secure.”

I just don’t want to, and if you can’t accept this, I’m out.

Dear Beloved Wife (To Be): I have decided to wait to have sex until I marry you–because I love you.

Wait for the best sex-on your HONEYMOON.

I really have NO desire to have an STD.

Even though you know it may be hard, your good decisions will keep you motivated.

Do you feel like saying to your mom and dad “Hey, I’m pregnant with my boyfriend’s baby.” How would you feel if he dumps you if you are pregnant?

The other day when I was talking to you, you told me that you really loved your boyfriend and wanted to take the next step. We both know you were talking about sex. As a friend, I really think you should wait to have sex until you’re married. Let me tell you why.

There is going to be a lot of pressure on you to have sex, but I hope you will wait, not just because I want you to but because it is better for you too.

Go on double dates. Go out to public places to be surrounded by others. Set boundaries ahead of time and don’t cross them. My dad used to tell me to keep “buttons buttoned and zippers zipped” and it’s so true.

If we save sex for marriage, God promises to bless us! We won’t have to worry about unplanned pregnancies or STDs or emotional and spiritual problems. There’s so much risk to not waiting…why take that risk?

So, even though sex may be a great pleasure in life, it is best to wait until marriage to have it. I want to provide a healthy relationship for the two of us, and I want you to know that I saved my body for you and only you.

Break ups are harder if there has been sex…and after having sex in relationship after relationship, sex will lose its meaning and when you get married after that, the bond of love will not be as strong.

Sex is to be enjoyed only with the person I marry. By waiting, I am showing self-control, and respect for my future wife. Sex is better in a secure loving relationship, like marriage. I don’t want sex to lose its meaning and value to me.

It might be difficult when you are in a relationship, but you still have no excuse if you decide not to wait. Hanging out with that girl in a healthy place is the one thing you have to work on. Stay away from bedrooms, just stay in public places like restauants or the movies. And stay away from alcohol and drugs so you can think clearly….

If we were married, it would be way more easy to take care of a kid.

I want to know if you are that special one and that you are going to stay with me…not be just a “hit-it-an-quit-it.” That is why I want to wait.

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