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Dear Future Children,

By the time you read this you will be about my age, 13. You’re reading this because I am encouraging you to choose abstinence. I chose abstinence, because I wanted my first time for having sex to be with someone I love completely.

I hope you are willing to wait like I was, but if you choose to not wait I will be there for you. Yes, I will be mad at first, but I love you too much and will help you through it. I will not kick you out, send you on your own, and I would never make you take care of your own baby. You did know pregnancy is one of the possible consequences from sex. Some of the other consequences: I will not be able to trust you for a time. You may have some sleepless nights, because there may be some hard decisions to make. You may even have to deal with STI’s. Remember though you can tell me everything.

Your father will probably react differently, because he’s your dad, but we both love you so much.



Dear Friend,

I just wanted to give you some advice about having sex before you get married. My advice is just because a person says they love you, doesn’t really mean they love you. They can say anything and it may be what you want to hear, but it may not be true.

If you then have sex, what if the condom fails? Your girlfriend gets pregnant and the truth comes out. Sometimes the truth hurts. Plus you run the risk of getting an STI.

Besides you don’t even know if you are going to be married to this person. No matter what you think it is most likely you guys will just end up not married.

The choice: do you want to suffer tough consequences or would you rather live a happier life knowing you waited?

I beg you dude just wait.

Love, Your best friend

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