Cedar Springs Middle School: 7th Grade Boys Nov. 2011

To my dear future wife,

The reason I have chosen to not have sex until I get married to you is that I don’t want to have any of that major baggage with me.

Also, I know that you have saved yourself for me so I want to save my body for you. I don’t want to come into the marriage with kids from previous relationships or with an STI. I don’t want to be a player because they are just wrong and I don’t want to be thinking of someone else when I am with you because you will be my wife and that means that I love you and I want to spend my whole life with you. That would be hard if I were with other people.

I truly hope that you will save yourself just like I am doing for you and I will wait as long as needed until I marry you.

Your future husband


To my friend,

I advise you to not have sex because of STIs and stuff that can happen to your privates and can cause a lot of problems. So just wait! It would be the best thing to do. Trust me, I have gone to class for this stuff and have learned more about it!

Sincerely, your friend


To my future wife,

Honey, I am waiting to get married then have sex. It’s because it will help us work out and be great between us. Just wait.

Love your future husband


Dear son or daughter,

Life at my age is hard. Try not to get into many relationships because well it never works out as well as you wish it would. You should also wait for sex until you are married because you can get very bad infections. Please stay away from sex until you get married.

Love, Dad

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