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Dearest son or daughter,

Waiting. It’s a thing that I’ve been doing a lot of today: waiting for school to start (not eagerly of course), waiting for recess to be over so I can come in from the freezing outdoors, waiting for the bell to ring so I can get out of math class and go to lunch, waiting for the principal to get my extremely stuck locker open, and waiting for the right answer to come to me for the grammar test. It can be challenging to wait, I know, but hang in there.

Also, aside from the trivial things that I have been waiting for today there is a more important thing that we all should wait for. I’ll get to that in a second. You see , for the past few weeks we have been taking an abstinence class called, “Willing to Wait.” As you may guess it is all about waiting until marriage to have sex.

As of now, I am not pressured to have sex, or even “go out” or date. I am glad that I have chosen such good friends. I hope that you choose as good of friends as I have. Here are a few pieces of advice for you:

1.) Always know that I love you, even though you are not yet born when I am writing this.
2.) Know that nobody is perfect, not you, and not me.
3.) Choose your friends wisely.



Dear Future Husband,

I don’t know if we have met yet, but when we meet, I know it will be perfect. I want to keep myself pure for you. I want you to know that I am waiting to have sex until we get married.

The reason I am doing this is because I know that it is God’s Will for you and I, to not have sex before marriage. I also know that the temptation will be difficult to resist, but we can do it. That way when we get married, we won’t have to worry about STI’s or STD’s.

I know that you are a Christian too, and I hope that you are making the same choice that I am, because it is an awesome choice to make. Please make the commitment between yourself and God if you have not already.

I love you, even though I don’t know who exactly I am saying this to, but know that it is true. I can’t wait to meet you and see what God’s plan is for us.

Until we meet.

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