My friends think oral sex is harmless fun. Is it?

Your friends might think that oral sex (contact of one person’s mouth or tongue with the genitals of another person) is no big deal because they don’t really consider it sex. But, it is sex and it isn’t safe. While you can’t get pregnant from oral sex, you can get Sexually transmitted infections.

Oral sex can also really mess with your mind. It makes you feel serious regret and the loss of self-respect. You may get a reputation that stays with you and memories that you won’t be able to forget.

Here is the names of some of the STIs that you may get through oral sex: syphilis, gonorrhea, genital herpes, Chlamydia, HPV and HIV. That doesn’t sound like harmless fun to me!

Wet dreams (A.K.A.: “Nocturnal Emissions”)

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Guys have these sometimes.  They are normal and no big deal.  

Once a guy reaches puberty, his body will constantly produce sperm.   If a guy has sperm building up in his system, his body will just need to release it from time to time.  When he sleeps, his body may release this sperm (ejaculate) without him intending to and he wakes up to wet underwear.  Maybe something he dreamed about triggered this physical response.  Maybe not.  Doesn’t matter.

Afterward, his testicles are empty, ready for more sperm to be produced.

Another way that the pressure of sperm build up can be alleviated is to masturbate. 

Now, something interesting to think about it this:  A man, who is deciding to wait until marriage to have sex, may also decide to not masturbate.  Instead he relies on his body to have wet dreams from time to time.  This choice may help his body to produce sperm at a slower rate, resulting in the need to ejaculate less often.  This means less urge to masturbate.  And maybe even fewer wet dreams.

Fast forward to the day the man gets married.  He has sex with his wife. 

Let’s be honest.  They have sex a lot.  They hardly leave the honeymoon suite.

His testicles are getting emptied pretty often.  This triggers his body to make more…and more quickly, so his body can be ready for the next time they have sex.

So the old saying “If you don’t use it, you lose it” is just not true. 

A man doesn’t need to keep up with his need to ejaculate by masturbating.  He is not going to lose the ability to have sex.  In fact, masturbating may make a man’s body thinks it had better hurry up and produce more sperm, so his choice for abstinence could be more stressful than it has to be. 

The truth is that a man’s body will naturally do some adjusting to his circumstances—whether time of abstinence or sexual activity.

The Naked Truth About PORN

The naked truth about porn

For Guys Only!

Ever wonder what is the big deal about porn? You don’t have to worry about…

The naked truth about porn

The truth is that it is more dangerous and damaging than you might think. Using porn is closely linked to sexual addiction, searing images on the mind. Sexual addiction is a very real and destructive thing. Have you ever noticed how many pop ups and junk mails are about sex? The people who produce this stuff know how addictive it can be, so they purposefully try to get you hooked. The porn industry is a multi-million dollar industry. Don’t give your money to these guys!

You might be thinking “But I won’t get addicted. You’re just being paranoid.” Okay, then you are a guy who has incredible self control. If so, you are nothing short of amazing to be able to dip your mind in the seductive and erotic world of porn and not have the irresistible desire to dip it in again! Difficult to do, right? That’s the point.

But there are other problems with porn: Many women in the porn industry have been previously sexually abused or raped, experiencing serious injury to their self esteem, before turning to a career in porn. So how does that relate to you? Well, think about your sister or aunt or mom…ladies you know and care about. Even if you don’t personally know the women in the porn sites, they are real women too. They are someone’s daughter or sister. They deserve respect and kindness too. Do you think what is being done to and with these women in porn is respectful?! And what if that was your sister in the website? How would you feel?

It will cause big problems in your future marriage too. Porn leads you to think only about her body, like she’s a thing, not a person. This fantasy world has little to do with real life. But guess what–it takes a real man to love a real woman in a real relationship. It’s not just about being good in bed. We’re talking about loving a woman for better or worse, richer, poorer, till death. Yes, gentlemen, we’re talking about marriage. If you are honest, what you really want is a woman to stand beside you faithfully, to respect and love you for who you are, to appreciate all you do for her, to be glad she is waking up next to you-all along with the sex! Porn can’t give you that. Only investing for a lifetime in a marriage with a good woman can. But marriage is not for sissies. A real woman is not perfect. Her breath stinks in the morning just like yours does. You see, porn tempts a man to compare his wife to the fantasy woman, making him feel dissatisfied. It’s an easy out to get his physical needs met rather than taking the time to meet his wife’s needs too or working through an argument with her. And think about it: using porn even before marriage is just practice for cheating later on.

So porn basically crumbles the foundation of the marriage! In short, porn will mess with the mind of any man who uses it. Don’t be that guy.

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Sometimes people say “It’s too late for me to change even if I wanted to.” The truth is…

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