Ladies: Release your “Inner Princess”

little princess on pink bed

I had an adventure many nights when I was little. My twin bed was a flying carpet. I could see for miles. I was being chased by a terrible dragon and my prince was in hot pursuit of us both to rescue me. There was always a struggle, in which I would nearly fall off my magic carpet, plummeting to my doom—that is to say, the floor. My prince would fly by right in the nick of time and I would fall into his arms to safety. We would embrace and, of course, I would kiss my prince—that is, my pillow.

Then my mom or dad would holler from the living room for me to get in bed and be quiet and go to sleep.

I wonder if most little girls pretend they are princesses at some point in their childhood. Something inside us longs to be special and beautiful. We long for an honorable champion to fight for us.

Is this just child’s play or does this resonate in our hearts as being more than that? Maybe we played like that because in our deepest emotions we want someone to see that we are worth fighting for.

This deep-seated emotion does not go away as we grow up. We still want to know that we are of great value and are cherished.

This is not to say that wanting to be treated like a princess is to be needy or helpless or a victim. No! Princesses are strong, and courageous too.

We fight dragons, too, after all.

I just think it means, for many of us, that we just don’t want to have these adventures of life alone…we would rather have a prince for a soul mate.

A prince that is strong and brave.
A prince that is good and honorable.
A prince that is handsome and wholly committed.

Even if it means fighting dragons with us.

So don’t be afraid to keep seeing yourself as a princess. Because, you are one. And definitely don’t waste your time kissing any frogs.

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