The Skinny on Body Image (or Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…)

 Too thin? Too tall? Too fat? Too short? Nose too big? Boobs too small?

Let it go.

If you obsess about your looks, you will just drive yourself crazy. Decide to like being who you are. Consider this: if you don’t like the way your eyes look, think about how your life might be different if you could not see. If you don’t like your big feet, think about not being able to walk.

There is always a blessing to be thankful for. If you focus on the bright side, the things you want to change about yourself will seem less significant.

Yes, every woman can think of things she would like to change about her appearance. Some things are somewhat easy to change (hair color, or overall fitness, for example). Some things are not (like height or the shape of the mouth).

Give yourself permission to not look like a supermodel. Like who you are. Flaws and all.

The trick is to do the best you can with what you have to work with (like picking out stylish clothes that compliment your shape or putting on some make up that highlights your best features) and choosing to let the rest go.

Stand up for yourself in the bathroom:

It seems that women are expected to complain to each other about their perceived flaws. They stand in front of the restroom mirror together commiserating. Don’t get pulled into this self-bashing pity party. Say nothing and just leave. Or if it’s obvious that others are expecting you to say something, choose to say something like “Oh sure, there’s stuff I’d change about myself if I could, but I can’t, so I’ve stopped letting it drive me nuts.”

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