What is the risk of me sending my boyfriend a sexy picture of me via my cell phone?

It’s called “sexting” and it’s when a naked or sexually suggestive photo, video or message is sent with a cell phone. In many states it is treated the same as child pornography, and is considered a federal offense to have child pornography in your possession. A teen can be labeled a sex offender and be treated as a criminal for sexting.

Once a photo or message is sent, there is no guarantee it won’t end up online somewhere, where you won’t have any control over who sees or uses it.

It takes just a few seconds to send a photo, but it would have a life long impact.

My girlfriend just let me know that she’s pregnant. I’m not ready to be a dad and I’m seriously thinking of telling her to get an abortion. I’d even pay for her to have one. What should I do?

None of us should be having sex if we are not ready for what could happen, because sex creates babies. But now that you found out that your girlfriend is pregnant you have a lot to think about. Try not to rush into a decision even if it feels like you need to. Talk with your girlfriend and discuss what your options are. Try to get some good counsel from wise people in your life. Maybe even go to a pregnancy care center where they will discuss the options over with you.

What your girlfriend probably needs right now is your support and knowing that you will be there for her. Most girls don’t want abortions, but often feel pressure from their partners to have one. Abortion is a serious decision and not necessarily over and done with after the procedure is finished. Some people experience post abortion syndrome (depression, anxiety, flashbacks, etc) that affect men as well. Don’t freak out. You’ve got some time to make this decision. Before you decide make sure you have ALL the information on the pros and cons of each possible choice.

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