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“It really makes a difference that this message about abstinence is coming from our peers. We don’t really hear it from anywhere else.”

-Katie, Grand Rapids Michigan middle school student

The Willing to Wait™ Program, in response to feedback from students asking to meet peers who are abstinent from sex until marriage, introduced the W2W Drama Team in 1997. It continues to be the highlight of the Willing to Wait™ Program that is offered in both public and private schools.

This team uses skits, dramatic monologues, peer discussion and humor to reach their peers with the message of abstinence. Many students tell us that this is one of their favorite parts of our abstinence program.

All of the W2W™ Drama team members are at least 14 years old and are committed to abstinence from sex until marriage, and from drugs and alcohol. The team averages about 30-60 students from many different area schools, who volunteer their time and meet every Tuesday night from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. to practice and have a great time hanging out.

The Willing to Wait™ program teaches an eight-session abstinence only curriculum to over 40 middle and high schools. The W2W™ Drama Team members go into the schools during the eighth session of the curriculum to present to the classroom students. They also present at youth rallies, youth groups and for “at risk” teens in special programs.

One of the benefits of being a member of the W2W™ Drama team is the encouragement they receive to be accountable to the other teens who participate in the program. It is not only making a difference in the lives of the W2W™ Drama team members, but also in the lives of the youth they speak to.

Consider joining the W2W Drama Team!

We looking for teens and young adults who:
-have a desire to be counter-cultural and reach their generation with the truth
-choose to abstain from sex until marriage and from drugs and alcohol
-are able to commit to the team for an entire school year

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