Almost everyone older than 19 can remember those awkward years of being a teenager, when we struggled with zits, bad hair days, crushes, falling in love, and a body that was changing weekly. Even now, looking back  just a few years ago to middle school, I still have that feeling of ugghhh. I don’t ever remember feeling good about my body or my looks. I never really felt beautiful, and sometimes I actually felt downright gross.

It wasn’t too long ago that I saw this Dove Campaign Youtube video where a normal looking female was made into a gorgeous woman right before your eyes as they fast forwarded through a gazillion people working on her hair and make-up, air-brushing her face, and eventually photo editing her face by changing how far apart her eyes were, making her face thinner, giving her higher cheekbones, raising her eye brows, changing her nose, changing her hair color, and lengthening her neck.

In the end, it didn’t even look like the same girl. Yes, she was pretty, but unnaturally so.
The video was made to help us think through what is beautiful. When they actually asked people what exactly is beauty, this is what they said.

  • Most people think beauty can be achieved through a woman’s attitude
  • Most people agree that you can be beautiful at any age
  • Most people believe that every female has something about her that is beautiful

Every female, from elementary age girls to adult women, wants to know if they are thought of as beautiful. Every female longs more than anything for the answer to be ‘yes’. In fact, she wants so much to be seen as beautiful that she will do practically anything.

Only two percent of women would describe themselves as beautiful! My mom has always told me that I’m beautiful! Every mom thinks their daughter is beautiful. Girls need to know that they are beautiful not because of what they wear and how they style their hair, but rather on the true inner beauty that is displayed in their attitudes, actions and how they express themselves in words. It is our character that makes us truly beautiful.