Course Objectives

Session 1: Sex: Everybody’s Talking About It

Exploring reasons motivation a teen’s choice of either early sexual involvement or abstinence from sex until marriage.

Session 2: Teenage Pregnancy

Identifying the effect that teen parenthood would have on the teen mother, the teen father, the child. Learning about the option of adoption.

Session 3: Sexually Transmitted Diseases / HIV & AIDS

Learning about several common STDs, their transmission, symptoms, treatment, and possible long term damage. Discussing the risk and prevention of HIV/AIDS. Discussing the prevention of STDs, identifying abstinence as the only guaranteed prevention.

Session 4: Emotional/Relational Issues, Making Choices

Recognizing how personal values guide sexual behavior. Understanding the emotional/relational consequences that can result from sexual encounters outside of marriage.

Session 5: Handling Pressure and Setting Standards

Learning to show self-control and respect. Clearly communicate their personal limits and values. Recognizing pressure “lines” and saying “no” to sexual advances.

Session 6: Dating

Discussing the difference between affection and arousal, and how to set personal limits. Learning the steps to practicing abstinence and the benefits of ceasing sex after sexually activity in the past. Expressing love and care in creative, non-sexual ways.

Session 7: Healthy Relationships / Unhealthy Relationships

Identifying qualities desired in a date and in a lifetime partner. Discussing dynamics of healthy relationships: respect, similar values, caring, honesty, compromise and communication. Learning how to avoid relationships that are physically, verbally or emotionally or sexually abusive. Being informed on the laws regarding sex and sexual contact as a teenager and the possible consequences under Michigan law. Recognizing the benefits of a marriage relationship.

Session 8: Real Love Waits

Through a performance by the Willing to Wait Drama Team, reviewing the freedoms of choosing an abstinent lifestyle.