What Students Are Saying

After teaching our eight sessions, we ask students to give us their feedback. This is a typical sampling of what students tell us about our abstinence education program.

I am even more positive and determined to save sex until marriage now that I’ve had this class. Thank you for finalizing my idea to save sex for marriage.
Forest Hills Northern Middle School Student

This course has helped me tremendously. I have seriously learned more in these lessons about abstinence and the repercussions of not waiting than any other reproductive health class. I am more aware and more educated now. I have decided to wait until marriage.
Jackson Park Middle School Student

This course helped me be more secure and feel much better about myself.
CA Frost Middle School Student

Before any of this class I though having sex wasn’t a big deal. But now I do.
Kelloggsville Middle School Student

I have changed my ways completely. My boyfriend had a problem with it but I told him that if sex was the only thing he wanted, he should leave because he wasn’t getting anything. We talked and now he agrees with me.
Ridge Park Charter Academy Student

This was an awesome chance to learn about all the stuff I wouldn’t ask my parents. I really thought about my past limits and how much they changed since this class.
NorthPointe Christian School Student

This class helped me know the consequences and reality of what could happen. I don’t want to ruin my future. I plan to have sex after marriage to be true to myself and future wife.
Crestwood Middle School Student

I wasn’t sure I was gonna save myself, but now I know for sure I’ll save my virginity.
Byron Center Christian School Student

I was in the middle between waiting and having sex and was confused. This class helped me decide to change my mind and wait until marriage to have sex.”
Burton Middle School Student

I feel safer and more secure now that I had this class. I am educated and it made me realize that I can wait. I have more respect for myself.
Knapp Charter Academy Student

I loved your class. I didn’t know anything about STDs. I had no idea. It was extremely informative and really, really fun. I’m sorry it’s over.
Grand Rapids Christian School Student

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