Willing to Wait exists to assist parents and schools as they prepare their students for healthy relationships. What we do is only possible through partnerships with local schools, school boards, and parents. If you want to get involved to help young people in your community make healthy choices regarding sex and relationships, there are a number of ways you can get involved.

  • Learn how to have Willing to Wait approved by your child’s public school’s Sex Education Advisory Board (click here).
  • Contact us to have a Willing to Wait instructor visit your child’s private school, after school program, church group, home school group, or any other community organization.
  • If you are a teen, and want support for your own relationships and want to encourage other teens to make healthy choices, contact us for information about how you can be an advocate for Willing to Wait in your school.
  • Like our Facebook Page for regular updates on the positive choices and challenges young people face in our community.