Even though it can be awkward and uncomfortable talking with your teen about sex, if your teen is like most teens, they want you to. Your opinion is important to them, even if they never tell you. In a national survey, teens said that their parents have more influence on their decisions than their friends, media or teachers.

As a parent, you are your teens primary model for healthy and responsible relationships. Most teens (9 out of 10) agree that it would be a lot easier to postpone sexual activity if they were able to have more open, honest conversations about important topics like sex and relationship with their parents.

Teens who feel connected (meaning they felt support and closeness) to their parents make healthier decisions. Here are some ways to get more connected to your teen:

  • Share your teen’s dreams and hopes
  • Know your teen’s friends and activities
  • Enjoy meal times together
  • Demonstrate strong values
  • Discuss hard topics and share your opinion
  • Set boundaries for your teen and have high expectations

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