W2W in Schools

What is Willing to Wait?

The program, entitled Willing to WaitTM, has been used to teach sexual risk avoidance in public and private schools in the greater Grand Rapids community since 1995. This curriculum teaches abstinence as a positive and realistic lifestyle, promoting self-control, respect, responsibility, and good health. The eight sessions of the curriculum are designed for middle and high school students.

What can one learn from the curriculum?

This program effectively teaches an awareness of current sexuality issues, as well as teaches teens the skills necessary to manage their sexuality responsibly.

Who teaches the curriculum?

Willing to WaitTM is taught by trained instructors who are invited into a school’s health, physical education, family living, or science classes. Willing to WaitTM offers these sessions free of charge to area schools and is funded through gifts and donations from the community.

Facts about W2W for Parents

  • Willing to WaitTM is designed to encourage teens to choose a lifestyle of abstinence from sex until marriage. This website supplements the Willing to WaitTM curriculum.
  • The Willing to WaitTM curriculum offers eight lessons and has been taught in the greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area since 1995, currently in more that 40 schools.
  • Willing to WaitTM instructors are highly trained and certified by the Kent Intermediate School District of Michigan to teach Reproductive Health, and have completed teacher training in HIV/AIDS education.
  • W2W was written for middle and high school students.
  • W2W is privately funded and is offered to schools free of charge.
  • All classroom materials and activities are provided by Willing to WaitTM.
  • All material is research-based, medically accurate and doctor endorsed.
  • Lessons are fun and interactive. Instructors use a variety of teaching methods to provide students with activities in which to learn important information and the necessary skills to make healthy choices.
  • Over 90% of students who have gone through our program expressed that this material should be taught to other students their age.
  • Willing to WaitTM Leadership Team culminates the program by encouraging their peers through skits and stories with the challenge of sexual abstinence until marriage.