Healthy Relationships

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Most people long for relationships. But just being in a relationship is not necessarily a good thing unless the relationship is healthy. A healthy relationship makes you feel good about yourself and makes you feel safe. The basic qualities of a healthy relationship include:


  • Do you listen to each other’s thoughts, ideas and expressions of feelings?
  • Do you treat each other with care and kindness?
  • Do you value one another?

Similar Values

  • Do you know the other person well enough to know what is really important to them?
  • Do you share common values regarding family, religion, education, children, work, money, etc.?
  • Have you discussed how you will handle the differences?

Honesty and Trust

  • Do you both admit when you’re wrong?
  • Do you both tell the truth without fear?
  • Do you both forgive mistakes?


  • Do you give and take to make each other happy?
  • Do you both give up wants and desires for the sake of the other person?


  • Do you talk openly about your thoughts and feelings with each other?
  • Are you willing to work through disagreements?
  • Do you listen to each other without coming to conclusions or judgment?

Unselfish Love

  • Do you make sacrifices for each other without expecting anything back?
  • Do both people in the relationship place what is best for the other above their own desires?
  • Do you work for what’s best for the other person long-term?