Getting Tested

Many people with an STD / STI don’t have symptoms.

If any of the following are true for you, you are at risk. Get tested.

Don’t wait for symptoms.  Like many infected persons, you may never have them.  Get tested if you have these risk factors:

  • Had genital, oral, or anal sex with inconsistent condom use
  • More than one sexual partner
  • No testing in the past year (and have been sexually active)
  • Multiple partners in the past 3-6 months but no testing during this time
  • Treated for chlamydia or gonorrhea in the past 3-6 months but have not re-tested
  • Binge drink or use drugs in connection with sex
  • Sexual partner has not been tested
  • Sexual partner has high-risk sexual practices
  • Anonymous partner(s)

Symptoms that may be due to an STD:

  • Unusual vaginal odor
  • Pain during sex
  • Burning or pain with urination
  • Different vaginal discharge
  • Penile or rectal discharge
  • Itching inside the penis
  • Small bumps or sores near the vagina, penis, or rectum
  • Spotting after sex

For testing location and information, please click HERE.